Key Goals

  • Let users test the waters and dip their feet with 1v1 gaming to earn small rewards.
  • Eventually drive them towards live tournaments where they can compete in a bigger group and earn bigger rewards.
  • Enforce more competition with ranking on leaderboards, giving out bonus cash prizes and coupons/vouchers.
Early Explorations


Emphasis on Tournaments

While giving an overview of what the app has to offer, tournaments and stats like “players joined”, “prize pool” help players decide which tournament to join.

1v1 Gameplay

Choose your bet and play

Players can choose the game of their choice, pick their bets, get matched up with an opponent and start playing. Once done playing, they can choose to play again or watch ad to earn more coins.


Compete with the best

Tournaments let the players compete with the best players, rank on the leaderboard and earn even bigger rewards.


See where you rank

The overarching goal of a expert player would be to rank on the leaderboard to compete for the biggest prizes. Ranks are showcased with the respective rewards to incentivize the players to rank higher.

Coins & Redemption

Cash out in cash or kind

The coin wallet functions both as a personal wallet as well as a ledger. Players can check out their coins, corresponding cash values and choose to cash out. Additionally, they can also see all the incoming and outgoing coins form entry fees, winning amounts, bonuses, etc.

They can also choose to trade in their coins for real-life rewards such as merchandise, coupons, cash vouchers, etc.

Miscellaneous Alerts