Problem Space

  • Immigrants and nonnative English speakers constantly face a challenge to communicate themselves properly in a variety of situations: be it at school, at work, socially, etc.
  • As a result, they sometimes feel left out of conversations, being ignored at work, and being badgered constantly by the infamous — “I didn't quite get that”.
  • Dedicated accent coaching costs a lot, and BoldVoice seeks to make the power of 1:1 accent coaching accessible to everyone.

BoldVoice's Proposition

Without trying to erase their natural accent, BoldVoice seeks to approach accent coaching as a skill they can pick up to enhance their pronunciation and confidence by:

  • Offering a tailor-made coursework according to user's linguistic background
  • Video lessons by Hollywood accent coaches
  • Practice sessions with instant & detailed feedback down to each syllable
Selecting Subscription Plan
Onboarding Questions


A daily practice, not a sprint

Instead of approaching the lessons in a sprint-type fashion, our research showed that a routine-based structured approach works better for picking up new skills. So, the homepage shows the users their “tasks of the day” with the goal to check each of them off every day.

Video Lessons

Learning from the best

Users can watch lessons with accent coaches and practice key words and sentences as they're learning. They can also check detailed syllable-by-syllable feedback and can rate the lesson after they're done.

Practice Sessions

Honing your skills

Every video lesson is coupled with a practice set, which helps users hone in on the concepts they've just learned. They can hear an example from the coach, try their hand and get detailed feedback on how they did.

Lesson Plans

A bird's eye view

All lessons are structured into thematic units, which are further divided into video lessons coupled with their dedicated practice set. We experimented with a couple approaches on how to showcase overall progress through the coursework—overall progress bars and a streak-based approach.

Final Thoughts

BoldVoice has evolved and grown since my initial designs and continues to rack up downloads on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store — helping nonnative English speakers discover their most clear and confident voice.